Riots never end well: student video at University of Oregon

We haven’t had a video contest like Fresno State yet, but we are reaching students with their own voices. Hilary Jones, a student who works in the Office of Communications, produced an awesome video with students talking about how to be safe on Halloween. It was more effective than anything a law enforcement officer could have said to students. To film the piece, Hilary gave her friends police brochures and asked the students to put the text into their own words and to share their own party experiences. Her effort made local TV and the front page of PR Open Mic, but really was successful in the short term with students passing it on to other students on Facebook and on the UO’s YouTube channel. It was authentic and trustworthy and beyond the students, Hilary put her own touch on it with lines like, “Riots never end well.” Check it out below.

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2 Responses to Riots never end well: student video at University of Oregon

  1. Very cool video. It does feel very authentic. I imagine it would be horrible and hard to believe coming from an officer.

  2. Aaron says:

    I’ve added you to my Bloglines, Zack.

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