Social media in the Oval Office?

Could social media become the president’s way of reaching the grassroots? Is it Barack’s version of talk radio? The pres-elect used social networking and the web to generate campaign buzz and raise cash. Now that he’s moving to Penn. Ave. what happens next? This morning, NPR’s Scott Simon discussed just that with co-founder Micah Sifry. Obama can bypass traditional journalists, whose numbers seemingly shrink with every press run, to communicate with and build on his solid base. I think we’re about to see an unprecedented give and take on the web involving a president and his administration. A new guy, communicating in a new world, with profiles, groups, blogs and forums. The masses have a new voice and the power brokers a new microphone. Change has come.

This brief Reuters report says much the same thing except the talking head in the end says social networking in the future can’t just rest with the interns. Fair enough, but those interns are the target audience. We’ve got to heed their advice and give them the tools to succeed.

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