Easy multimedia stories

Multimedia stories don’t have to be fancy documentaries filmed with pricey gear and slaved over for hours. They just have to be good stories, with compelling anecdotes and stuff that’s fun to hear and look at. Katie Campbell highlighted this New Yorker slideshow on her blog, “Telling Stories.” I’ve heard that editors at The New Yorker are pretty good at telling stories. Katie writes that the slideshow  is “very simple. But brilliant all the same.” If you ask me, it’s brilliant. Period. Multimedia stuff doesn’t need to be complex, you don’t need a fancy camera or videographers to do your pieces for the web. Audiophiles might wince at the sound in this piece, and I could do with a few more pics, but I’d rather tell a good story than let hang ups on gear and picture and sound quality get in the way. Too many people expect web video to be HD and worldclass. If the story’s good enough for The New Yorker, it’s good enough for most anything.

New Yorker slide show

New Yorker slide show

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One Response to Easy multimedia stories

  1. Zack, I’m glad to hear you agree that The New Yorker’s latest slideshow is brilliant regardless of the fact that it’s on the simple side. Sometimes I think that journalists, especially magazine journalists, can suffer from having super high standards — with everything. And you’re right, good stories are still good stories, regardless of whether they’re in HD. The audience will forgive so much if the content makes up for it. Good post! 🙂

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