8 Responses to Tips for dealing with Dell Customer Care

  1. Carlo Sostilio says:

    Great post. People go for Dell because it’s cheap and they have coupons online. The harsh reality is that their product is just poor often times. I actually bookmarked that Consumer Affairs link. And your suggestions are right on point if you have to go Dell. Nice work.

  2. N.SURESH says:

    sir,dell laptop complints they dont just care i have recently purchased a dell laptop its cd drive when we eject its just not comeout smoothly instead its stuck up inside just 1/4 portion come out remaing portion stuckup inside, and its bateries when we charge getting hrated up , when we complaint no body is taking care ,they just dont check it while delivering

    i hope one day they will come and attend , not an intenational standard at all , very pooractions on their part. n.suresh.

  3. frances cummings says:

    will someone out there give me a usable telephone number for an english speaking person in america who will help me with a customer service problem – i have tried every number available on the net – and end up with sales pitches, stupid music, run arounds and nothing.pleeze…………..

  4. frances cummings says:

    i have entered two comments – is this site a farce too?

  5. zackbarnett says:

    Frances, I am sorry you’re having trouble with Dell. I’d encourage you to embrace cultural differences and to be sensitive to people who might not speak English as their first language. I detailed my success in reaching Dell in the blog post above. Best of luck.

  6. Tony Sargeant says:

    Just spent 2 weeks enjoying the same abysmal level of Dell customer care in UK.Does anyone have a named Dell person actually responsible for sorting out problems in UK

  7. zackbarnett says:

    Try contacting Ellen_Murphy@dell.com. I believe she is based in Europe and might be able to help. Last year, she did follow up on my behalf when I e-mailed her my frustrations.

  8. Laura says:

    I cannot believe the customer service of Dell. It is terrible. I have been trying for an entire day to secure a return UPS LABEL in order to ship back a notebook and printer that has been weak and broke from day 1. I kid you not, I called Dell from 9 am EST to 7 pm EST on Monday, December 14th and every time I submitted the case # to them, shortly after that I was disconnected. All I want to do is return the notebook and printer for an exchange. This has been communicated to them a number of times over the last couple of weeks and I cannot get anywhere. It is ridiculous.

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