Old school barber shop pamperin’

Just got back from my first trip to NYC. Loved it. Energy. Diversity. Creativity. But one of the highlights was an old-school barber shop haircut, preceded by a scalp massage/shampoo. Barber even took a straight razor to the back of my neck, complete with hot shaving cream. All for less than most haircuts in Oregon. Hot shaving cream. It’s the best.


4 Responses to Old school barber shop pamperin’

  1. Joe Bonner says:

    Your first trip to NYC, and you didn’t let me know? I’m hurt 😉

    Glad you enjoyed your visit. And you are spot on about the old school barber experience.

  2. Everybody thinks NY is expensive, but actually once you pay the rent it’s pretty cheap. A good haircut is one example. Excellent fruit from sidewalk carts is another. Not having a car saves lots of money, too.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip. Next time you come, look me up for a tour.

  3. Tony says:

    Did they shave well below the t-shirt line? That’s the true measure of a good cut…a wise man once told me that.

  4. zackbarnett says:

    It’s tough to shave that low on me… but yes, that is the difference between an OK cut and a good cut…

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